Cryptocurrency Profit / Loss Investment Calculator

Are you looking for a crypto profit calculator to work out the how much you made on your crypto investments? You can workout the profit you made in your BTC/ETH etc with our handy calculator below.

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Financial Disclosure: We are not financial advisors, all capital you invest is at your own risk.

How does this bitcoin crypto calculator work?

Follow step by step guide on how to use our free crypto calculator, we have made the interface as simple as possible for ease of use.

1. Crypto Investment in USD

Input your initial investment of USD into the crypto calculator, this will help work out your profit/loss on your BTC/ETH etc.

2. Coin Buy Price

Input the price you paid for your cryptocurrency when you made your initial investment.

3. Coin Sell Price

Input your sale price of your coin, it can be the sale price today or on any date.

4. Crypto Buying Fee

On many exchanges you will pay fees when you buy crypto which are usually a percentage, please input the buying fee percentage.

5. Crypto Selling Fee

Same as when you buy you will get selling fees on crypto, please add the selling fee percentage.

After inputing data into all of the required fields you will have an output below which will show the profit / loss calculation on your crypto. The crypto calculator will output an average and may round up/down so you may have some slightly different numbers, feel free to use the formulas which are shown below each output on the crypto calculator.