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About Couples Guide To

Exploring The World Together Since 2019

Who’s behind Couples Guide To?

Two souls on a big journey, exploring and seeking out the weird and wonderful things around us. 

We met during freshers week at Norwich University of the Arts. Where John told Ella his cat died and Ella laughed because she thought he was joking… And the rest is history!

Well, not quite, actually we remained very close friends, moved into a large shared house and fell for each other 7 years later, long after university, on a ski trip in the French Alps, on Valentine’s day, of all days! We know! How romantic?!

We love to ‘troll’ each other. Our nicknames for each other refer to poo in some way shape or form. So we’re a bit strange … expect some awful photos and hilarious quotes and pranks.


What do we want to do for you?

We want to give you a unique couples’ perspective and advice for your upcoming trips, journeys and recommendations and inspiration for planning new journeys. Testing out advice from others and giving you a couple’s perspective.

We come from hard-working backgrounds, our trips aren’t sponsored (although if one day they are we will tell you, because who doesn’t love a free trip?! Fingers crossed!), we save for months to afford them!

We hope to bring a good budget-friendly experience to your next couples adventure – whether it’s to the best Greek Restaurant in London’s Notting Hill or the bumpy road guide to Glencoe Scottish Highlands’ Campsite or the latest Sand Art Exhibition at the Southbank centre. We here for you!

We’re average Joe’s and Josephine’s who love what we do and each other. If we can help you along the way that would be amazing and if not, it’s a little diary of our adventures together which is good with us too :). Happy hunting and don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any thoughts. Stay creative.

The Couple ...

The Crazy Girlfriend


Find out more about Ellahrina.

Ella is a freelance art director who is obsessed with the wilderness, seafood, interactive art installations and big over-the-top shows. Born in London’s Paddington, her family are originally from Ukraine where she spent most of her summers - picking peaches and catching fish for the bbq.
The Slave Boyfriend


Find out more about John

John is a SEO wizard with a particular interest in the outdoors, hearty food and political art. Originally from Essex, he spent his childhood in Germany, playing in the forests, running around with slow worms and rolling around in mud.