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Presearch Engine Review 2021

What if search engines were fully decentralized and didn’t base their results on shareholders interests? What if you had the most efficient results, every single time you looked up something online? What if some search results ended up being blocked in your country due to the fact that they are censored?

Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission from referrals to Presearch for this article if you sign up using one of our links. We provide unbiased and honest opinion in this Presearch review 2021.

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With so many search engines out there showing you ad-based results or just ones that are in their best interest to show based on the cookies as well as the information they’ve collected on you, having a safer alternative is always a plus. Plus, what if we told you that you could get rewarded each time you did a search on Presearch? With that out of the way, let’s dive in and see what the Presearch Engine actually is and how it works.

The Presearch Engine Explained

The Presearch Engine can be defined as this next-generation search engine that is built with the intention of providing the world with a fully decentralized search engine that works as a public utility run by the community. It has this vision of creating open and transparent algorithms that leverage blockchain technology.

The unique part here is the fact that anyone can participate within the Presearch community, similarly to how Wikipedia works, and each and everyone interested has the ability to engage in the creation as well as the curation of the search index. The idea behind this concept is that this will lead to better results alongside censorship resistance.

You can look at it this way: Presearch is a search engine that employs nodes that are operated by community members in order to access the data from existing search resources as well as data sources.

When it comes to the future Presearch brings to the table, you have: 

  • Community-Powered – community members have the ability to participate in the project through the community chat groups, and they can also contribute open-source packages to the source code repository or even promote the usage as well as the awareness of Presearch.
  • Decentralized – The engine runs on node servers that are operated by the community members.
  • Optimized Search Results – Presearch offers search results that are on-par, if not better than the leading search engines currently available. You also get an additional layer of data through community packages.
  • A High Level of Privacy – Your privacy is fully protected due to the fact that no personal information is stored, and all of the queries are handled by a decentralized network of nodes that run open-source software.
  • Rewards for Using Presearch – each user can earn reward tokens when they search things up. Node operators are also rewarded, as well as users that refer other users to join Presearch.
  • Advertising Potential – The platform gives value to marketers who would like to reach the Presearch user base. They can stake their PRE tokens to a specific keyword, and whichever advertiser has the most tokens will have their ads displayed whenever someone searches up that specific keyword on Presearch.
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The PRE Token: A Brief Overview

The native token for Presearch is the PRE token. It is built on Ethereum which handles its security. It is used as the unit that can store value within the Presearch ecosystem. It is the way through which value can be transferred between stakeholders when they end up using Presearch.

Alongside that, it has other use-cases, such as rewarding users for actually using it as a search engine, rewarding promoters for referring new users to the engine, rewarding node operators for contributing computing resources and securing the nodes and enabling advertisers to have their ads displayed under specific keywords.

Presearch Nodes Detailed

Here’s by far one of the most unique aspects of how the node operators work. You see, anyone can install Presearch Node software on their devices. This will allow them to help power the Presearch decentralized search engine, where, by running the software, they can help crawl the web for the information required to answer user search queries.

What do they get by contributing this computing power? Well, operators that stake PRE tokens can earn PRE rewards to make up for the cost of hosting and provide an incentive for more nodes to join, it’s that simple.

This software environment is known as Docker and is supported across all operating systems.

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Keyword Staking

You can commit your PRE tokens to a specific word or term, this is what is known as Keyword Staking. When you stake the most tokens on a specific keyword, your ad will end up showing to people that search for it on Presearch.

Keep in mind that you still own your PRE tokens, even when they are staked, however, when you end up unstaking them, your ad won’t be shown.

Currently, you are not required to pay per click on the staked keyword. This means that you are getting free traffic. While this is amazing at this current time, this will change in the future. It still serves as an excellent option when it comes to learning more about the platform.

The Search Engine of The Future

Presearch is definitely one of the more ambitious projects to take advantage of blockchain technology with the intention of bringing the power of search engines back into the hands of the community.

No longer will enormous corporations collect your data, or fill your search engine results with ads that some of the largest companies out there paid for.

Due to its community-driven nature and decentralized operation through the power of nodes, anyone should have a fair experience using the search engine, and the fact that you get rewarded through simply using it is always a plus, as the more you search, the more tokens you earn, and the higher chance you have to actually link a keyword to your advertisements and gaining some recognition by the community.

The community chat groups are also an excellent touch, and if none of this is your cup of tea you can always generate PRE tokens by simply referring to other people or being a node yourself.

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