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Tired of people advertising that you have to quit your day job to make a career travelling or through social media? Are you wondering why you can’t do both? Well you can!

Starting a travel blog may seem exciting and it definitely is! But most aspiring bloggers think they can only be successful if they leave their job and turn to blogging full-time. The good news is that you absolutely can be a successful travel blogger without giving up your full-time job!

Here are six tips on how you can travel, blog and promote on social media and other online blogs without having to quit your full-time job.


1. Advanced Holiday Planning with Work

One of the most challenging aspects is planning holiday time in advance, especially if you have limited time off with a full-time job. This leads to many bloggers trying to use the free time they have to travel and promote their blog. But this isn’t necessary!

Take 2-3 weeks off in one go! Rather than lots of little holidays, take a chunk and dive into a bigger experience. Spend three weeks in Thailand and sink your teeth into it. Take a Euro-trip for a few weeks maybe? Make the most of it!

You don’t have to fit in multiple short trips to build your travel blog; instead, plan a proper getaway and create an unforgettable experience.

2. Daily Saving and Pre-Booked Budgeting

Another great tip is to budget your days in advance so that you have enough money available to enjoy your holidays. You can make small changes to your daily schedule so that it quickly adds up.

Do you really need to buy a coffee out every day? Can you bring your own lunch to work? Pay yourself first – put money aside every month! You’ll save up your own money in advance so that you can enjoy your holiday properly – especially if you are planning a longer getaway.


3. Key Experience / Event Planning

Get these costs out the way early! You know you want to go to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Look at how much this might cost and spread the booking costs out throughout the year. Or, put that budget aside and book the month before. Either way, have this allocated early. You can even ask for things like this for birthdays and Christmases – lord knows you have enough socks.

4. Extra Spending Money

When you put so much time and effort into planning your holiday and making all the necessary bookings, make sure you have enough spending money. Bring enough with you on your trip so that you can enjoy your holiday, but also get to do all the things you want to. After all, you want a memorable experience worth sharing!

You don’t want to be worrying about expenses when you’re out there, so planning to have extra spending money is important and it should be part of every trip you plan from now on.


5. Creating Content While Away

Remember to create written and visual content for your travel blog. Take photos on your camera and mark the ones you like straight away. Use your phone for lots of videos as you go because it’s immediate – treat it not just like a business but a diary of your adventures – have fun! Remember, if you’re not having fun making it, no one will be having fun looking at it. Humor is the best form of advertising.

Make notes on your phone of how you feel during downtime. Travel time will always happen! Use it to make notes and write it in the evening or weekends when you’re back. Use your notes and get a content writer to help you if you don’t have enough time.

Creating content while you are on your getaway is one of the most enjoyable experiences of all, and one of the great rewards of being a travel blogger. You can document your experiences in such a way to inspire others and also allow them to experience what you’ve experienced – even though it’s not in person.


6. Monetize Your Blogs

Now it’s time to upload and monetize the blogs you’ve written. Have you got affiliates? Have you recommended a hotel? If not, sign up for a few good and reputable affiliate programs with businesses or brands you would be proud to comfortably promote. Be sure to carefully select your affiliates as you want to maintain a professional reputation and only promote a location, product, or service that you really trust.

Also, remember to always be genuine with your recommendation; you don’t want a bad one to come and bite you in the butt. Everything doesn’t have to be done on the spot – give yourself a few targets when it comes to monetizing your blogs.

You are now ready to promote your blogs on your social media channels and even on other blogs – many bloggers often provide other blogs and websites with great content, so you can definitely share your experiences on many different platforms.

These are just a few of the many great tips you can follow to start your part-time career as a travel blogger! Most of all, remember to plan ahead and to have fun – after all, that’s the whole idea!

Start your own travel blogging experience now! Enjoy the benefits of combining the ability to travel and create great content – without having to give up your full-time job.

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